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For far too long, the entertainment industry has profited off the distribution of African American culture, but that same industry has done very little to preserve it. Knowing that leaving such game changing responsibility to one side of the equation is untenable, Project Go Dark Inc. and

our Board of Advisors will work in a collaborative fashion with the biggest industry players to invest in the next generation of black entertainment industry professionals. As a nonprofit organization, Project Go Dark will transform the lives and career trajectories of a new generation of black leaders while expanding the talent pipelines at entertainment industry

leading businesses and organizations. 



“Create the next generation of black entertainment industry professionals to protect black art, black culture, and black lives” 


Project Go Dark Inc. will work with predominantly black institutions to develop programming relative to all aspects of the music business. We offer professional preparation programs to college students and adult career seekers that will lead to lucrative careers in the music industry. We will develop pre-college programs for high school students interested in becoming music artists and music industry professionals. We will establish a national network of youth targeted music exposure programs that will allow young people to explore their talents and interests.


Our board will design programs ranging from production and engineering to programs focused on marketing and branding through technology. #GoDark programs will be designed to cater to students of all ages to birth the next generation of music industry professionals. 


This fall Project Go Dark will pilot our first Music Industry Pipeline (M.I.P) program in Atlanta, GA. M.I.P is a non-profit educational arts workforce development program dedicated to finding and empowering the brightest minds from our nation’s predominantly black institutions for careers across all aspects of music. 

M.I.P will include in-real life PAID (via weekly PGD stipends) internship placement with industry partners, a pitch competition or project, a weekly masterclass guest lecturer and panel series featuring black music executives from across the industry. MIP participants will graduate with a certificate, executive mentorship, peer connections, and real world experience necessary to launch a successful career in today's music landscape.

Students participating in PGD's fall pilot must be based in Atlanta and fully vaccinated. Transportation is also required. 

M.I.P will provide a group of diverse students an opportunity to participate in a paid, 6-week immersive internship experience essential for launching and leveraging

their careers.

M.I.P focuses on placing talented students in competitive internships with record labels, management companies, and other industry hubs across Atlanta’s black owned ecosystem.

M.I.P hosts an 8 week lecture and panel series featuring many of the brightest black executives, giving students the ability to form lasting relationships helpful for navigating their careers.

M.I.P will establish a recruitment pipeline for future young black music professionals with a presence at all HBCUs & intentions to expand availability for Black students at PWIs

and community colleges

as well.