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We welcome all donations towards

Go Dark's Music Industry Pipeline Programming!

Go Dark is an Atlanta based non-profit community of next generation black music industry professionals. Creating and protecting black art, black culture, and black livelihood!


The entertainment industry has historically privatized and profited off of black music and arts culture. That same industry turns a blind eye to the preservation and well-being of our community of creatives and agents. At Go Dark, we do our part in the solution by cultivating a rare space where young black people from all over receive excellent music business training and life changing connections.


Consider making a monetary donation to Go Dark! The global demand for black music and arts is constantly increasing, but so is our collective effort to revolutionize the industry. By donating, you are transforming the lives and career trajectories of a new generation of black leaders.


Whether you joined us at a panel where big-league execs are dropping knowledge, collaborated with us for internship opportunities, or simply show love by following, THANK YOU for being an invaluable member of our community!

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